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Bring your message to where the people are -- the beach!

Beach Billboards are messages, names or logos carved in sand. They pop up on heavily-trafficked beaches - in the thick of South Padre Island Spring Break, for example - where they can be admired and photographed by everyone who walks by--

Until they crumble back into a pile of sand. This is practically the definition of "sustainable, green marketing"!

Barefoot Wine example of sustainable advertising

Get your brand name out there

We live on the beach* and we have 20 years experience carving names, messages and logos in the sand. We specialize in awe-inspiring castles but can replicate just about anything in sand, using your artwork. And we make your Beach Billboardlook so cool that your message will immediately start showing up on cellphone cameras, blogs, tweets and youtube -- the photos and videos will literally spread themselves around with no further effort on your part.

* "Home Beach" is beautiful South Padre Island, TX - we get great weather all year round and big crowds during spring break and throughout the summer. If you are interested in a different beach demographic, we can probably hook you up with a qualified sand sculptor in a different location -- just ask!

What is a "logo stone"? It is a chunk of sand carved with your name, URL, etc. and treated to withstand nearly anything you can throw at it, including extreme weather, frost and even a well-placed kick. What do you do with it? Put it in your garden, landscaping, near an entryway, give it to the person who has everything for his/her birthday, etc. etc. With a core of foam in its center, it will be lightweight enough to relocate when the need arises, but heavy enough to stay in place when the wind blows. More....

let's talk about YOUR Billboard!

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green advertising - Granbury Texas

Not just for corporations

We do marriage proposals and beach weddings -- birthday greetings and anniversary signs -- fraternities and sororities and team names -- anything that would look good on a traditional billboard will look great carved in sand!

Hands-On Option

We specialize in group/private sandcastle lessons and can very easily incorporate instruction into the demonstration - click on the image below to see how we incorporated the birthday cake sculpture into a group-carve for all the kiddos....

beach birthday party idea

Photo-Only Option

If all you want is a great photo of a customized sand castle, we can do that as well. For prices too low to post here, we will build your beach billboard on a beautiful day, shoot the photos and email the files to you - all on the same day! You own the photos and can use them anyway you like.

a very romantic beach billboard

Green and economical

No trees die, no special permit is required and your company representative doesn't need to be onsite to oversee the operation. We email you updated progress shots right from the beach. You can make eidtorial/design alterations while the work is in progress.

Also Available

• video of sculpture and crowd reactions - raw footage or quick and dirty edit posted on YouTube
• high-quality, high-resolution photos for use in your own print or web-based advertising - you own it!

Zero Carbon Footprint Advertising

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